Purchasing replacement windows is a major decision and the installation is key to your success with the product. A sales representative can show you all of the fancy bells and whistles that you will benefit from when purchasing new windows, but do they have any knowledge or experience in the installation process?

At The Window Source of Athens we believe installation is key! Most window replacement companies focus on sales and volume. Once they have your money in hand you will find a random sub-contractor at your door ready to install fast, pick up their check, and be on their way. After all, they dont have to worry if your window fails, thats on the company you bought from.

Here at The Window Source of Athens we have the best installation crew around. When you purchase windows from us you can feel confident that your replacement window installation will go smoothly. All of our installers have over 10 years experience in the replacement window industry and don’t be suprised if our owner is on site for the installation. Even our sales team has experience and knowledge about the installation process. From start to finish, you can have confidence in your experience with The Window Source of Athens.

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