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Why Vinyl Double Hung Windows From The Window

Source of Athens are a perfect choice for your home

this Summer

Discover why vinyl double hung windows from The Window Source of Athens

are the perfect choice for your home this summer. Enjoy enhanced energy

efficiency, durability, and beauty. Upgrade your windows today!


Summer is here, and it’s time for us to enjoy the warmth and sunshine while we can. But, did

you know that your windows could be the reason for all that heat and humidity in your home?

This makes it the ideal time to make an upgrade. Are you looking for windows that allow you to

enjoy the summer breeze while keeping the warmth out of your home? Well, look no further!

The Window Source of Athens offers the perfect solution with their Vinyl Double Hung Windows.

Here’s why you should consider giving your home a breeze through this summer with these

beautiful windows.


Energy Efficiency

The summer heat can be unbearable, and air conditioning units can run continuously, leading to

a higher energy bill. Luckily, window manufacturers have caught on to this issue and now offer

Energy Efficient Vinyl Double Hung Windows. These windows offer a unique solution to reduce

your energy bills, letting you enjoy the summer sunshine without breaking the bank. The

Window Source of Athens’ Energy Star certified windows offer optimal energy efficiency and are

environmentally friendly.


Maintenance & Durability

Summer weather can be unpredictable! Luckily, The Window Source of Athens’ Vinyl Double

Hung Windows are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions from high winds, rain, and

hail. While wooden frames would be affected by weather changes, Vinyl windows remain

unchanged and maintain their look through all seasons. These windows are also easy to clean

and maintain, which ensures that you can keep your home looking its best throughout the

summer season.


Versatility & Aesthetics

Vinyl Double Hung Windows are versatile and suitable for modern or traditional homes. They

come in various styles, sizes, and colors, guaranteeing a custom look that meets your home’s

aesthetic requirements. Ourl Double Hung Windows also come with a variety of grids, screens,

and finishes to maximize the desired look of your home.



Summer is a time when your family is out and about, taking adventurous journeys, creating

memories, and experiencing new things. However, as you enjoy your summer, are you worried

about burglaries in your home? Fortunately, The Window Source of Athens’ Vinyl Double Hung

Windows provides maximum security, ensuring you can be rest assured your home is safe from

intruders. These windows are designed with locks and stops that make them highly secure, and

you can be confident in leaving your home empty throughout the summer season.


Increased Home Value

Did you know that installing Vinyl Double Hung Windows from The Window Source of Athens

can increase your home value? We offer aesthetic and functional improvements to your home,

which in turn creates added value. These windows are designed to meet the highest industry

standards and provide longevity, meaning that you won’t have to replace them for many years to



So, there you have it – the top reasons why Vinyl Double Hung Windows from The Window

Source of Athens are perfect for summer. With long-lasting durability, energy efficiency,

versatility, security, and an increased home value, these windows will transform your home both

aesthetically and functionally. Contact us today for a free estimate, and see how you too can

enjoy your summer breeze this year!

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