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Local Window Company Athens – Oconee

Choosing the Right Windows and Doors for Your Athens Home  The exterior aesthetics of your home say a lot about your style and taste. From landscaping to paint color, every detail matters, including your windows and doors. They play an integral role in maintaining the security, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home. Therefore, when [...]

Window Comfort Company

Window Comfort in Athens As homeowners, we all seek to maintain an inviting, comfortable living environment for our loved ones and ourselves. While the idea of 'home comfort' encompasses various elements, one aspect that significantly impacts this aspect is the windows of our house. Replacement windows can considerably improve the overall comfort and feel of [...]

Is Window Condensation an Issue?

The Mystery of Window Condensation Unveiled Do you find yourself wiping down your windows on a regular basis because of that pesky condensation that just won’t seem to go away? Well, fret not my friend, as I have some answers for you. First things first, let's debunk a common myth. Condensation on windows is not [...]

Best Window Company Athens

Are you in search of the perfect window replacement company in Athens, Georgia? Look no further! Our company offers the best double-hung vinyl replacement windows with five-star reviews and top-notch customer service. Skip the high-pressure sale pitch  and “buy now” discounts. At The Window Source of Athens, we provide upfront pricing and an easy process. […]

Why Vinyl Double Hung Windows?

Why Vinyl Double Hung Windows From The Window Source of Athens are a perfect choice for your home this Summer Discover why vinyl double hung windows from The Window Source of Athens are the perfect choice for your home this summer. Enjoy enhanced energy efficiency, durability, and beauty. Upgrade your windows today!   Summer is [...]

Rebuilding Together

Rebuilding Together and The Window Source Partner to Strengthen Communities by Providing Essential Repairs for Neighbors in Need Across the Country  Partnership Supports The Repair Of Homes For People In Need And Revitalization of Communities  Rebuilding Together, a leading national nonprofit providing essential home repairs and revitalizing communities, today announced a national initiative with The […]

Replacement Windows – Athens Oconee

Oconee/Clarke County Replacement Windows – The Window Source Athens We started as a one-man-shop, but today our team of 20+ people share our original mission; treat others the way we want to be treated. We insist on treating every customer as well as we’d treat our own friends and family. This is our promise and […]

Energy Efficient Windows – Covington Library

Thank you to the amazing Window Source installation crews! This project consists of replacing 100+ inefficient windows with our 6000 Series Picture Windows with Double LowE. Low-E, meaning “low emissivity,” is an extremely thin layer of metallic particles, or more commonly, several layers, applied to the glass that, in simple terms, allows the glass to […]

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

Why Should I Replace My Windows? There is nothing in your house that is made to last forever — that includes windows. While cleaning and lubricating windows can keep them working for longer, the wood or vinyl holding the glass in place does wear over time. When there is too much damage to the window [...]

Offering Virtual Consultations

Does Shaking Hands on a Deal Have You Shaking in Your Boots? No doubt the COVID-19 Coronavirus has most small business owners on edge. What does the future hold for small businesses who rely on in home sales? The future is unpredictable, but here is what we see in the forecast for window replacement companies. […]

A Window Company You Can Trust – Google Guarantees It

The Window Source of Athens is a Company You Can Trust, and Google Agrees! When it comes to service providers, such as window replacement companies, who can you trust? We’ve all heard the heart breaking stories about service providers who don’t stand by what they claim. The Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, and Angie’s List […]

Window Source Augusta – New Location

Window Source Augusta The Window Source is proud to announce the opening of new territory into the Augusta ,GA market. The Window Source is a national brand with over 40 locations nationwide, specializing in Replacement Windows, Doors, and Siding. Owner, Tyler Smith and his team have had great success with The Window Source of Athens […]

Winner of Best Window Company in Athens

Winner of Best Window Company in Athens goes to The Window Source of Athens! Dan, author of has done his research when it comes to replacement window companies, window manufactures, and sales processes. You could say he is somewhat of a “window nerd”. He does the hard research to find the very best window […]

Compare Apples to Apples – Replacement Windows

Compare Apples to Apples. Never Pay More for Less. No High Pressure Sales- Replacing your windows shouldn’t require a high-pressure sales pitch. We believe in giving you the information you need up front, so you can choose the best windows for your home. Professional Installation Crews on Staff – On installation day you will have […]

Window Companies – The Future Customer

Working To Earn Your Future Business Turn on the evening news, you’ll probably see a catchy commercial for one of those window replacement companies. Tune into your favorite local radio station, you’ll probably hear our ad. Driving down the road? Look up, there’s a billboard showing people proudly standing on windows. Why do we spend […]

How to Compare Window Replacement Companies

How to Compare Window Replacement Companies Comparing window replacement companies in Athens can be difficult- so many companies, window options, warranty options, and the list goes on. When comparing a maintenance free vinyl window replacement company, here are a few questions you can ask. Use this check list to compare The Window Source of Athens […]

What Makes a Window Energy Efficient?

LowE You probably have heard the term LowE- that stands for low emissivity. It’s a coding put on the inner part of the exterior window pane to reflect light and heat back out. It keeps whatever the climate is inside the house inside and the climate outside, outside. Argon Gas Argon gas is another way [...]

Vinyl Windows or Fiberglass Windows?

Vinyl Replacement Windows vs. Fiberglass Replacement Windows Shopping for replacement windows can be a bit overwhelming. We see this all the time. Customers who buy today but were in the market 3 or 4 years ago. What caused the delay? Most say they pushed the project off to research and try to find out what [...]

Sub Contractor vs. Employee

Window Installers: Sub Contractor vs. Employee Did you know the majority of replacement window companies use sub contractors for their installation process? There are pros and cons to both subs and employee installers. Let’s weigh out the pros and cons.   Pros and Cons – Subcontractors The pros of using subcontractors for your window installation […]

Our Window Manufacturer

Window Source Atlanta – Our Manufacturer One of the most common questions customers ask is , “who makes your windows?” The answer- Great Lakes Windows. Window Source locations have the ability to choose from a few of the top window manufactures in the country. So why Great Lakes Windows? Great Lakes Windows is a branch […]

Can Energy Efficient Windows Pay for Themselves?

You may have heard the statement before, energy efficient windows pay for themselves. We all know energy efficient windows can save you money on your energy bill. But can investing in replacement windows really save you that much energy cost, where you actually have a return on your investment- or at least break even? The […]

Finding the Best Vinyl Window Company in Athens

Finding the best vinyl window company in Athens Your windows are on their last leg, you have a budget set, now the search begins. How are you going to find the best vinyl window company in Athens to fit your needs and budget? First, what is your definition of  the “best”? It may be simply the […]

Replacement Window Quotes Online

Replacement Window Quotes Online without the Sales Pitch The anxiety of having another pushy sales person come into your home can make window shopping a miserable experience. Wouldn’t it be nice to get replacement window quotes online? No one likes being backed into a corner and forced to make a big purchase right on the […]

Sunroom FAQ

Sunrooms are great addition to any home. Porch enclosures and sunrooms can be considered complete additions to your home, increasing the square footage and the value of the home. In addition to increased value, sunrooms can be enjoyed year round filling your home with natural lighting. We understand any addition to your home can come […]

3 Reasons Black Windows Are Trending

3 Reasons Black Windows Are Trending Black windows are trending in 2019. We understand why! Black windows are a timeless look that creates beautiful contrast on any home and with multiple interior color options, it’s no wonder The Window Source Atlanta is seeing a spike in black window interest this year. Here are 3 things [...]

Instant Window Price Calculator

Getting a window estimate before an in-home consultation We understand most homeowners aren’t exactly excited to take on a big remodeling project, much less the thought of having a stranger come into their home and try to pressure them into buying their product. At The Window Source Athens we do not believe in high-pressure sales [...]

Recycling Your Old Windows

Saving Money on Your Window Replacement Project Here are 3 tips to saving money on your window replacement project by recycling or reusing your old window frames.The last thing on most people’s mind after getting brand new replacement windows is where are my old, inefficient, drafty windows going? Finally, they are gone and who cares where […]

3 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Windows

3 Things to Consider Before Replacing Your Windows   Does choosing a window company in Athens make your head spin? It’s understandable. There are a ton of options for replacing your windows in Athens. You can hire anyone, from the big box stores to the one-man show. Making the choice on who to go with […]

How Much Energy will I Really Save with New Windows?

How Much Energy Will I Really Save with New Windows?   So you're skeptical of what you'll save with energy efficient windows. We see it all the time. It's not our job to bully you into buying; we just want to give you the facts so you can make your own decision.   What affects energy [...]

The 5 Costliest Mistakes in Window Buying

You’ve never had to think about windows a day in your life. All you know is that your current windows are drafty, old and fogged up. We believe that window shopping should be simple, honest, and centered around answering your questions. We want to help you find your way to the best windows for your [...]

10 Signs That the Windows in Your New Home Need to be Replaced

10 Signs That the Windows in Your New Home Need to be Replaced   It’s the rare homebuyer who moves into their new residence and finds nothing at all to renovate. Some things are obvious: atrocious wallpaper, rotting decking, or leaking fixtures. But the average person can’t tell the quality of one window from another. [...]

4 Ways To Know: Should you Repair or Replace Your Windows?

There are a number of reasons why you might have the window blues. Ugly windows, drafty windows, and foggy windows are some of the most common frustrations that we hear from homeowners in Athens. But how do you know when it’s time to actually replace them? Window repair for glass and components is usually an […]

How To Read An NFRC Label

How to Read An NFRC Label Labels can tell you a lot: what’s in your food, how much something costs, or how flammable it might be.   The most important label on your windows is the NFRC label. NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Rating Council—“fenestration” is just a fancy Latin word for windows. Like [...]

How To Find The Right Window Company in Athens

How To Find The Right Window Company in Athens   You’re running through a hazy hall of mirrors. Every direction you turn, you see more glass, more reflections of yourself looking confused and lost. The maze seems endless, and all you want is to find the right path to the exit. This is most people [...]

What Are Low-E Windows?

What Are Low-E Replacement Windows? Low Emissivity coating, commonly referred to as “Low E” is an optional feature you will find offered by many replacement window companies. While each window company may have their own spin or name for this feature, the basic functionality of Low-E is the same for all. What is Low E? […]

Are Triple Pane Windows Really Better Than Double Pane Windows?

  Are Triple Pane Windows Really Better Than Double Pane Windows? It seems like simple arithmetic: if more glass means more insulation, three panes must be better than two.   The truth is, triple pane windows are only right for certain homes. Most people will get the best value out of a double pane window, because you […]

What Are Triple Pane Windows?

  Three panes of glass separated by pockets of argon or krypton gas—that’s the short answer. Recent pushes towards energy efficiency have seen double pane windows become the standard in most new homes, but some homeowners want to take this a step further and install windows with three panes instead of two.   Why is […]

What Are Double Pane Windows?

  Double pane windows are exactly what they sound like—windows made up of two panes of glass. Most older homes were built with single pane windows, but recently it has become standard to see double pane windows on the majority of modern homes. That extra plate of glass goes a long way.   Why is […]

What Are Energy Star Windows?

When it comes to energy efficiency in your home, the Energy Star label is the most important feature to look for. Almost any product manufactured for your home, including windows, can be certified an Energy Star product, a certification created by the EPA and Department of Energy. The Window Source of Atlanta is proud to […]

How You Can Get The Most Comfortable Windows

You might think that any kind of replacement window these days will be more energy-efficient and insulating than what you have now. However, the truth is that there is a wide range of factors that you must consider in order to find the most comfortable windows for your home. Here are the characteristics of windows […]

What Replacement Windows Should Cost

Our most popular window—a 6000 double hung, double pane vinyl window (including LowE Argon Energy Package) —costs right under $350 per window. We do offer more affordable options. Our 3000 series starts at $318 (including LowE energy package). Other popular options are exterior capping or new PVC brick molding which is not nessasary on every project [...]