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Does Shaking Hands on a Deal Have You Shaking in Your Boots?

No doubt the COVID-19 Coronavirus has most small business owners on edge. What does the future hold for small businesses who rely on in home sales? The future is unpredictable, but here is what we see in the forecast for window replacement companies.

In-home Sales

Let’s face it. With the spread of coronavirus rapidly growing day by day, not everyone feels comfortable inviting a stranger into their home. Sales representative are also weary of going into multiple homes per day. So what happens to the replacement window companies who rely on high pressure in home sales? Well, to be frank it’s not looking good. Replacement window companies who enter homes with high prices and beat the customer down with discounts if they “sign today” are going to see a decrease in customers. We predict homeowners are going to opt into online quotes, video chats, and phone sales vs. in home estimates. Technology in 2020 gives consumers every outlet to be able to get an estimate on replacement windows without anyone even entering the home. So, if in home sales are decreased what do replacement windows companies do?

Phone and Online Estimate

Luckily, some replacement window companies have built their brand on no high pressure sales and upfront pricing. There are still a bundle of old school window companies who believe in the hard sales pitch. Unfortunately, it’s hard to sell someone on a high priced product, on the spot, over the phone. This is where phone, video chat, and virtual quotes come into play for the other guys. If a replacement window company has a few benefits in their favor, they should dominate the market during the Coronavirus downturn. Most replacement window customers fall into 2 categories.

Fall for The Pressure

The customer doesn’t take the time to research and is pressured into signing on the dotted line due to drastic discounts and promises.

The Investigator

The customer does research on a companies reputation, gets multiple quotes, and never falls for the “sign today tactics”.

You want to be the investigator! You should never feel pressured to “buy today” or even to have a in-home sales consultation. Here’s our philosophy  “If the others say an in home estimate is a must, you should call a window company you can trust.”  We’ll admit, it seems a bit corny but its the complete truth.

What About Installation?

During the pandemic effecting our country in these challenging times, choose a company who takes the proper steps to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our Lead certified installers already use these practices and know how to protect customers homes and themselves.

Staying Safe

With interest rates at an all time low, cash out refinancing for home improvement projects are on the rise. We don’t predict the need for replacement windows to decrease. By offering Virtual Quotes, you can have the confidence knowing you can complete your replacement window project in an easy stress free way! Get a Virtual Quote Now or enter a few details below and we will have team member reach out with pricing and product info. 706-705-6010

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