Why Should I Replace My Windows?

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

There is nothing in your house that is made to last forever — that includes windows. While cleaning and lubricating windows can keep them working for longer, the wood or vinyl holding the glass in place does wear over time. When there is too much damage to the window altogether, it may be time to replace it. Up Close Home Inspection reports in their life expectancy chart that double pane windows last 8-10 years, depending on installation and weather.

Here are some of the key advantages of installing new windows.

  1. New windows can keep utility costs low. According to a post by real-estate company Trulia, energy-efficient houses are attractive to buyers and windows properly caulked and insulated windows can help lower the heating and cooling costs. We put a LowE coating on the inner part of the exterior panes of our windows to reflect UV light back out and keep the heat or cold outside, as shown in one of Behind The Scenes Videos. Foam insulation can also be put in vinyl window frames to help regulate temperatures.
  2. New windows are easier to operate. Some windows can be hard to open and clean because the track or frames may be damaged from regular use over the years. New windows are clean and lubricated to ensure they are easy to open and maintain.
  3. New windows could protect your house from damage. Rotting and condensation are just a few key indicators that windows need to be replaced, according to a Consumer Reports video. Old glass and worn window frames can also be dangerous during severe weather.

New windows are clearer and provide contrast from neighboring houses. A new window style or color pattern can create a focal point or center of interest for the house that people can easily identify. Homeowners that replaced vinyl windows recouped 72.3% of the money they invested, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 2020 Cost Versus Value study.

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