Why Should I Replace My Windows?

Why Should I Replace My Windows? There is nothing in your house that is made to last forever — that includes windows. While cleaning and lubricating windows can keep them working for longer, the wood or vinyl holding the glass in place does wear over time. When there is too much damage to the window…

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3 Reasons Black Windows Are Trending

3 Reasons Black Windows Are Trending Black windows are trending in 2019. We understand why! Black windows are a timeless look that creates beautiful contrast on any home and with multiple interior color options, it’s no wonder The Window Source Atlanta is seeing a spike in black window interest this year. Here are 3 things…

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What to Expect on Installation Day

3 Windows

What to Expect on Installation Day You can’t exactly snap your fingers and have new windows, but the installation process is less complicated than most people think. We’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions from homeowners who are looking to have their windows replaced with the Window Source of Atlanta.   Will my…

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How Much Will New Windows Save Me?

Windows 2

When you replace your windows, it will be for two reasons: The old ones are so ugly and broken that you don’t have a choice, or You’re making an investment that will save you money over time or in the asking price of your home. But like all long-term investments, you need to know exactly…

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Do I Really Need New Windows?

a house full of replacement windows in tulsa

Do I Really Need New Windows? When you look at a window, most people just see a window: some glass, a frame, maybe a lock, and that’s it.   In reality, there are dozens of little details in a window that are noticeable if you take the time to look for them. We’ll help you…

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Are Double Hung Windows Really Secure?

Are Double Hung Windows Really Secure? A burglar always goes for the easiest point of entry first. If all the doors are sturdy and locked, his next option will be your windows. And even if you lock your windows every night, that may not be enough to keep a burglar out. You need to know…

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The Benefits of Exterior Capping

The Benefits of Exterior Capping   If you’re lucky enough to own a home with lots of window openings, it’s important that they all look uniform and tidy. Nothing makes an exterior look as unfinished as windows without capping. Every window should be inspected at least once a year to check for signs of wear…

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What’s the Hype with Double-Hung Windows?

Replacement Windows

What’s the hype with double-hung windows?   If you’ve been window-shopping at all, you’ve heard the term “double-hung windows”. They have become the standard window replacement option in the majority of American homes. It’s not hard to see why: simple construction, easy operation, functionality and affordability make double-hung windows a very popular choice.   What…

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How To Read An NFRC Label

Lowe Spectrum

How to Read An NFRC Label Labels can tell you a lot: what’s in your food, how much something costs, or how flammable it might be.   The most important label on your windows is the NFRC label. NFRC stands for the National Fenestration Rating Council—“fenestration” is just a fancy Latin word for windows. Like…

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How To Find The Right Window Company in Athens

Most Comfortable Windows

How To Find The Right Window Company in Athens   You’re running through a hazy hall of mirrors. Every direction you turn, you see more glass, more reflections of yourself looking confused and lost. The maze seems endless, and all you want is to find the right path to the exit. This is most people…

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