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Three panes of glass separated by pockets of argon or krypton gas—that’s the short answer. Recent pushes towards energy efficiency have seen double pane windows become the standard in most new homes, but some homeowners want to take this a step further and install windows with three panes instead of two.


Why is it Important?


Triple pane windows have a third tier of glass, separated from the other panes by another layer of argon (or krypton) gas. Argon gas is heavier than air, and serves as an extra layer of insulation to maintain your home’s temperature. It works just like putting an extra blanket on your bed when it gets cold at night: more blankets means more heat kept in.


Who Needs Them?


In the northern states or colder regions of the country, triple pane windows may be required to achieve the same comfort and energy savings as double pane windows.


But the most important info that determines the right window for you is the presence of an Energy Star label, which can only be applied to windows that meet the Department of Energy’s standards for efficiency. Most homes need double pane glass to meet the minimum requirements for the Energy Star label, and in temperate climates like Atlanta, two panes are enough.


What’s the Cost?


Triple pane windows cost $150-$300 more than double pane windows, so we recommend double pane windows for your maximum ROI in our warm southern climate.


Call The Window Source of Atlanta at (470)-275-5159 to find out how much double pane windows would cost for your home, or use our online get-a-price tool.


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